Syslog server

Ok time to get syslog server up and running to gather logs from my mikrotik gateway, after all we want to be able to ban attackers on all devices in the end. For this we have all the needed software installed on Ubuntu 14.04 server already and just need to do some configuration. So lets start. Read More

Ubuntu Server 14.04 Project

Was time to refresh my server skills so i started project Ubuntu Server 14.04 on new hardware and clean install, everything from scratch. How big the project is going to be i have no idea but so far i have installed the system, configured for my home network.

So far i have installed and configured MySQL, Apache2, PHP and SSH server

Not so much to write about the installation process other than my computer refused to complete installation via USB for some reason, google did not have an solution so i just burned an CD and installed to get it going. After installation was done i installed SSHD and configured it like i normally do, Root login not allowed and only RSA/DSA key logins accepted no password login via SSH at all.

Installation of Apache2, PHP and MySQL and default configs works for now. Just created an database for the server to use for various things as i like to store information in SQL.

It Works! So far so good, Easy. Next post will be soon about Fail2ban with fail2sql and banhammer web statistics.