New VPS and Kolab groupware installation (Part 1)

Been a while since i had any computer projects going on, only means i have been busy doing something else or just sleeping.

Well me and my project partner got our self an VPS at an hosting company based in Stockholm Sweden because we have been using an computer at home with VPN tunnel for domain and static IP but was time to move it outside, so we start with blank VPS. Linux Ubuntu 14.04 was the latest we got offered and we wanted to make the whole installation from beginning.

This move to new VPS will also mean i will move my own neverending projects blog there also under new domain.

Things to install?

root domain – (DONE) nothing to see there but atleast we have working hostname.
Kolab groupware –
Multi domain support for kolab –

Kolab is not the easiest server to setup even tho our installation of Winterfell version went without errors after our host fixed reverseDNS issue. Problems started after we added multi domain support, now we cannot log on to roundcubemail (reading all kinds of problems with this setup)

Configuration continues tomorrow.

Mikrotik as Fail2ban firewall

So its time to get Mikrotik acting as firewall. And for this i will use SSH key as our command to block ip’s will go via ssh commands. I am going to use address_lists on the mikrotik just because i have already rules set up for thos which i have manually populated in the past.


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Syslog server

Ok time to get syslog server up and running to gather logs from my mikrotik gateway, after all we want to be able to ban attackers on all devices in the end. For this we have all the needed software installed on Ubuntu 14.04 server already and just need to do some configuration. So lets start. Read More

Populating mySQL with fail2ban information and banhammer

Fail2SQL – An SQL logger for fail2ban can be found at

But i will do two things at the same time as i also found this which will give me statistics on the web with google maps about banned IPS with geo location. So for the next to do this in correct order, Download fail2SQL and then follow RobinC howto along side when activating Fail2SQL. Read More

Time for fail2ban installation

As i see auth.log is filled with brute force attack on all services that are open to the internet its always good to have protection and fail2ban provides good features to be able to minimize those attacks. fail2ban will alter iptables configuration on the fly on predefined number of unsuccessful login attempts. In the beginning i will configure fail2ban to alter iptables locally on my server but will change that so it is my gateway (mikrotik) that will be the firewall that blocks the banned IP’s. But first installation of fail2ban locally only. Read More

Ubuntu Server 14.04 Project

Was time to refresh my server skills so i started project Ubuntu Server 14.04 on new hardware and clean install, everything from scratch. How big the project is going to be i have no idea but so far i have installed the system, configured for my home network.

So far i have installed and configured MySQL, Apache2, PHP and SSH server

Not so much to write about the installation process other than my computer refused to complete installation via USB for some reason, google did not have an solution so i just burned an CD and installed to get it going. After installation was done i installed SSHD and configured it like i normally do, Root login not allowed and only RSA/DSA key logins accepted no password login via SSH at all.

Installation of Apache2, PHP and MySQL and default configs works for now. Just created an database for the server to use for various things as i like to store information in SQL.

It Works! So far so good, Easy. Next post will be soon about Fail2ban with fail2sql and banhammer web statistics.


Project site

Here i will gather all my projects about computer mostly Linux Ubuntu and Radio-controlled cars/quadcopters, also some other technical projects. I mostly write here for my self to remember better what i have done for the next time i need to do these things.